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Sheridan Soft Water Service Company, Inc. will help you select the appropriate water filtration system for your residential, commercial or industrial application needs.  So you can enjoy clean, pure, and soft water on-demand.

How do I know if I need a home water softener?

  1. You notice Calcium buildup on your faucets and other appliances.
  2. Your skin and hair becomes dried out from the hard water
  3. The color of your clothes is quickly fading
  4. You notice white spots and streaks on your glassware and utensils
Hellenbrand H125 - H125_HighAngle

Our Brand

Sheridan Soft Water is proud to provide high quality water to our most valued customers.  Discover what makes Hellenbrand water treatment products the best in the industry. 

All of our products are Made In The USA!

Products and Services:

Water Softening

Iron and Chlorine removal

Salt Delivery

Drinking Water Systems

Water Coolers and Accessories

Commercial and Industrial Equipment


Sheridan Soft Water will help you provide safe, clean drinking water for you & your family. Our water softening & reverse osmosis drinking water systems will give you better tasting water for you and your family to live a healthier lifestyle.


Sheridan Soft Water provides affordable commercial water softening solutions to hundreds of WNY businesses. We reduce maintenance costs by removing scale, stains, and sediment. Call today for a commercial salt sales quote!

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