Sheridan Soft Water will run a water analysis to test your water for hardness (Calcium/Magnesium), Iron, and other contaminants.  We will also ask you about your water usage and the amount of people living in your home so we can properly size the equipment.

We also consider your water usage patterns and plumbing before we decide what system is correct for you and your family.   After all these steps and questions are answered, we help you select the system that is exactly right for you and your budget.

Since there are times when a water softener alone cannot solve all your water problems, Sheridan Soft Water offers the Hellenbrand ProMate 6.0 DMT whole house water conditioning system.  DMT stands for Dual Media Technology.  Resin Media + Carbon Media.

This system will not only give you soft water but it also removes Chlorine and other organics to give you clear and great tasting filtered water.

The ProMate 1.0 is a great water softener for the person looking to install a lower cost system with great efficiency.

The ProMate 1.0 metered controller calls for regenerations based on your water usage.  The old non-efficient water softener had a 12 day timer and used 2-3 times more salt per year.

The ProMate 1.0 features a highly reliable valve design that reduces repair costs over the lifetime of your system.

The Hellenbrand Millennium Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System gives you purified water right at your kitchen sink

With up to 99% of impurities removed, the Millennium brings out the flavor in coffee, juices, and cooked foods.

In addition to having great quality water at your kitchen sink, the Millennium can also be run to your refrigerator for crystal clear purified ice cubes and drinking water.

This is an under the counter high flow drinking water filtration system.

This has a proprietary carbon block technology which removes contaminants like Chlorine, Cyst, Lead and MTBE.

It offers quality great tasting drinking water from your own tap.

This system offers a metered valve head with a back lit digital display.

It comes in multiple sizes and can be used to remove Chlorine throughout your entire home.

It offers great Chlorine removal for homes on well water.

The twin-tank Hellenbrand ProMate 6.0 Iron Curtain (IC) 2.0 is the most efficient way to remove Iron, Sulfur odor, and black Manganese without the use of chemicals.  Featuring a multi-media depth filter, it’s more effective in filtration and can be custom programmed based on your water quality profile.

This is a patented system only sold by Hellenbrand Inc.


Most frequent questions and answers

Water naturally has a variety of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.  Whether a water supply is considered “hard” or “soft” depends on how much of these minerals are in your water.  Soft water contains lower levels of calcium and/or magnesium than hard water.

There is no requirement to soften your water.  The decision to soften is a personal choice that can affect your home and the environment.  If your waters’ hardness is greater than 7 grains per gallon or 120 mg/l, then you might need a water softener to ensure your appliances run well and to improve the taste, smell, or look of your water.

Prevents build-up of minerals (scale) on the inside of pipes, fixtures, and hot water heaters.

Lengthens the life of some appliances.

Reduces or prevents mineral spots on glassware.

Prevents or reduces soap films and detergent curds in sinks, bathtubs, and washing machines.

Home water softeners, also called ion exchange units, are appliances that remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from drinking water.

Resin beads inside the softener trap the calcium and magnesium and exchange them for sodium or potassium chloride.  Once the resin beads become saturated with calcium and magnesium, a highly concentrated salt solution removes the calcium and magnesium from the beads.  After passing through the beads, the resulting chloride solution becomes a waste stream that is flushed down your basement drain.

A Sheridan Soft Water salesperson or technician will determine your water hardness by taking a water sample.

The plumbing and hardness are crucial when sizing a water softener.  The Sheridan professionals will determine how to size your system with the water analysis results.

Established in 1972, our water treatment company in Cheektowaga, New York, has since become the area’s go-to source for water softeners, filtration systems, and more.

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