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Commercial & Industrial Water Purification & Filtration Systems
Eliminate hard water and make doing day-to-day business easier with one of the water purification systems or water filtration systems from Sheridan Soft Water Service Company in Buffalo, New York. For your convenience, we have various systems available to suit your commercial and industrial needs. Don't forget to ask about our commercial laundry and industrial chemical products, which are available for all laundry equipment and chemicals.
The Benefits
Using one of our industrial and commercial water purification systems has a multitude of benefits. From reducing maintenance to reducing energy and water consumption, our systems are just what you need to save money after the initial installation and for the long term.
Other Benefits of Every System:

•Soft Water Savings for Detergents & Chemicals              • Improves Efficiency of Process Equipment & Heat Exchange Systems

•Extends Life of Process Equipment & Heat Exchange Systems

Our Business Also Handles:

Commercial Laundry Chemicals                 •Wastewater Treatment Applications                  •Boiler
•Chemical Supplies                                          •Odor Control                                                             •Cooling Experts

Our Systems:

•HWS H-125 (1.25")                        •HWS H-200M (2")                          •HWS H-300 (3")

Industrial Water Treatment
In addition to our water purification and filtration systems, we offer complete industrial water treatment services. Our pros use the highest quality chemicals on the market to treat wastewater, water in coolers, water in boilers, and more to meet your needs.

Contact us to enjoy long-term savings with our state-of-the-art water purification systems.